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Athletics Glory for JQ and Aston Manor

Thursday night saw great action in the secondary girls sports hall athletics. 13 teams took part and completed track and field events for their teams. Both competitions were extremely close at the end. A big thanks to Broadway Academy for hosting the event and congratulations to all the young people who took part. The final standings were as follows:

Year 7:

1st - Jewellery Quarter

2nd - Aston Manor

3rd - Broadway 

4th - Prince Albert

5th - Heartlands

6th - Handsworth Girls

7th - King Solomon


Year 8:

1st - Aston Manor

2nd  - Broadway

3rd - Jewellery Quarter

4th - King Solomon

5th - Handsworth Girls

6th - Heartlands

The year 7 team from Jewellery Quarter and the Year 8 team from Aston Manor will now represent the partnership at the county finals at Birmingham University of 30th March 2022. Athletics is a sport that you will be able to watch at the Commonwealth Games in 2022! Find out more here