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Providing high quality PE and School Sport opportunities for the young people of Aston

Welcome to King Edward School Sports Partnership

King Edward School Sport Partnership aims to give young people in Aston and the Perry Barr district the opportunity to access high quality physical education and school sport.

We are one of 11 School Sport Partnerships in Birmingham working with schools to inspire, educate and empower through sport, so that all young people can reach their potential.  We believe that physical education and school sport can be used as a driver to improve lifestyle choices and develop life-long participation.  Working with partner primary and secondary schools gives us the opportunity to promote social inclusion, leadership, physical literacy, student wellbeing and competition and well as working with staff to ensure all pupils receive a quality experience which prepares them for their next steps in life. 

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  • Working with other children,  encouraging everyone to work together and not be selfish
  • Treating everyone equally, supporting each other and working together to have fun and achieve
  • Making sure everyone has their go, sharing the equipment and giving everyone in your group a chance
  • Showing team spirit – encouraging everyone in your group to do their very best
  • Celebrating each others’ success together and saying well done to them
  • Being a good friend to everyone and a positive player in school, sport and life
Self Belief
  • Being brave, taking on new challenges
  • Being confident to take part fully in physical activities with other young people
  • Taking part in new sports and activities
  • Believing that you can reach your personal best in everything that you do
  • Being polite, not shouting or losing your temper when playing games and activities with other people
  • Thanking your group for playing the games with you, and not arguing about things
  • Listening to your group and other adults, and trying to do what they ask
  • Being enthusiastic, positive and enjoy participating in games and activities with other young people
  • Trying your best to play games and activities to the best of your ability with other young people
  • Always giving 100%, putting your heart and soul into whatever you are doing and never giving up
  • Showing team spirit – encouraging everyone in your group or team to try their best
  • Caring about what you are doing and the people around you
  • Keep trying when things do not always go right, and encourage other people to keep trying      /until they get it right
  • Always telling the truth and encouraging others to always tell the truth
  • Having the courage to always do the right thing and encourage others to do the same
  • Being truthful and promoting fairness in every situation
  • Never cheating and encouraging others not to cheat
  • Admitting when you are wrong and helping others to admit when they are wrong
  • Never giving up on yourself or the people you are working with
  • Always trying your best no matter what activity or group you are working with
  • Trying again when something goes wrong, trying to get it right and not give up
  • Having the mental strength and self-discipline to overcome difficulties
  • Always trying to be the very best you can be, in everything you do
  • Demonstrate Eco-friendly values at all School Games events.
  • Be an Eco-Friendly school.
  • Commit to reducing waste.
  • Bring a re-usable bottle to every event.
  • Have Eco Leaders at your school.
  • Advocate Eco-Friendly values to family and friends.

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