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Birmingham County Offer

Sport Birmingham organises county events that secondary schools can take part in. There are two ways schools can engage with county events this year:

- Qualifying for county finals by winning KESSP events

- Taking part in one of the leadership projects available this year. These projects focus on a variety of areas that have been highlighted as focus areas for Sport Birmingham this year. We will send information out to schools throughout the year regarding these projects.

County Final Events:

Qualify for the county finals through our KESSP events throughout the year. County finals will take place in the following sports and activities:

- Year 8/9 Boys Basketball

- Dance

- Year 7 / 8 Girls and Boys Sports Hall Athletics

- Boccia

- Para Archery

- KS3 Girls Cricket

Sport Birmingham Leadership Days

Sport Birmingham will also be hosting several leadership events throughout the year:

- Dance Ladership

- Boccia Leadership

- Basketball Leadership

- Steps to Success

- Activity Volunteer Award

- Tennis Leaders Award 

Download Sport Birmingham's offer for 2023-24 to see what your school could access this year.