School Games Competition Rules & Formats


The School games level 2 events will be run by the King Edward Partnership. The dates are on the calendar of events and are in the attached link.


The competitions will follow the formats attached in order to prepare the winning team to take part in the level 3 event.


Birmingham School Games – Primary Competition Formats – Summer 2016 (1)

The level 3 events will be managed by a representative of the relevant Governing Body of Sport and/or local club and supported by a team of volunteers from colleges and schools across Birmingham.

The Birmingham School Games primary schools finals day will take place on Winter Level 3  9th February 2016 & Summer Level 3  8th July 2016



Courtesy of the Games, each competitor will receive a complimentary t-shirt and a wrist-band (on the day).  Team leader need to ensure that the school team is wearing both items on the day please, in line with the event welfare system.

Children must be appropriately dressed for the respective competitions and have the correct safety/protective equipment (where applicable).


Photography consent

Please ensure participants have completed photographic consent prior to the School Games Event.

On the event day, teachers must register their teams at the registration point on arrival.

At this point, teachers must notify event staff of any pupils who do not wish to have their photograph taken.